Jeri and Irina are fiber artists at heart. They raise rare breed sheep, own a yarn store together, and now they are venturing to bring their love of British Longwools to the public on a large scale. 


Jeri fell in love with British fibers over 30 years ago when she went to England to visit her husband's family. The copious amounts of fiber craft, and sheep sparked her mission to bring lovely British fiber and sheep to America, specifically Wensleydale. Jeri is a color addict, she loves creating and sharing color. The colors of Yorkshire Medley were imagined by her daughter, and then Jeri brought them to life in the dye-pot. Her love of color ensures that each skein of Yorkshire Medley is hand-dyed with care. 



Irina is Jeri's daughter and the second half of the Flying Fibers Yarn Company. She has been dragged to fiber festivals, lectures on genetic diversity in rare breed sheep, and farm shows since before she could walk. Her love of the fiber arts comes from all those years of exposure. She is Jeri's right-hand woman during dye days, but specifically likes designing and knitting up garment samples. 

Together, these two women are an unstoppable force in the fiber arts world.